Nov. 6, 2017

Thinking about buying? Know your credit score.

Knowing your credit score or getting a recent copy of your credit report is one of the first steps that you can take toward knowing how ready you are to start the home buying process. 

Make sure all the information listed on your report is accurate and work to ...

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Oct. 17, 2017

What is a home improvement loan?

The 203k – typically associated with the FHA loan – is designed so you can borrow money for both your home purchase and home improvement, all in the same loan. Some homebuyers struggle with shopping for a home because they find a home in their desired location and they ...

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Sept. 25, 2017

Fact Or Fiction: Zestimate


There's no question - Zillow has changed the game in house hunting. The popular website allows an online shopping experience and way of easily connecting to local real estate agents.


So what in the world is a “Zestimate”?


When someone decides to sell their home, they don’t ...

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July 17, 2017

Low Interest Rates for Veterans

Are you a veteran or current military member?

The Veterans' Home Purchase Board of the State of Mississippi has a home buyer benefit you don't want to miss out on!


Our team leader, Bryan David, after serving 20 years in the United States Army has now officially become ...

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Jan. 21, 2016

First-time Home buyer Programs in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Area

First-time Home buyer Programs in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Area


When it comes time to buy your first home, it can be helpful to know about special grants and loans that may be available to first-time home buyers. Due to the recovery from Hurricane Katrina and the growing economy ...

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